Are the mini’s returning to Germany?

Following Brexit, the new electric Mini might have to be produced and manufactured in Germany rather than the UK. Currently, the majority of Minis are made in their plant in Oxford. But with the uncertainty caused by Brexit, BMW, the brands owner, are considering making the new electric Mini in Germany.  They announced the Electric battery- powered Mini last year and with it scheduled to go on sale in 2019 there’s not much time left to decide.  In fact the German company has said that they will have to make the decision this year as to where they will build the car.  Although a German newspaper Handelsblatt has already reported that the company is considering manufacturing the car at either of 2 of its plants in Germany; Regensburg or Leipzig.

BMW talks

BMW are expected to hold lengthy talks with the British government prior to making any decisions. They are however concerned about the UK leaving the single market, and what the implications will be with the changing tariffs for imports and exports.


With Greg Clark, the business, energy and industrial strategy secretary wanting to put electric vehicles and battery technology at the heart of the UK’s industrial strategy this would be a major blow for the British government. The doubts surrounding the electric mini’s manufacturing is just one of many issues currently threatening the already delicate car industry in the U.K.

Vehicle industry

Recently, the government managed to persuade Nissan to extend their investment into its plant in Sunderland.  However there are many worries that many jobs and careers could be lost if the PSA Group, Peugeot, completes their deal to buy General Motor’s European business, Vauxhall and Opel.  


How 2017 has been for Uber

How 2017 has been for Uber so far.


Since the beginning of 2017, Uber has faced unprecedented backlash.  At the beginning of January over 200,000 customers deleted the uber app over the course of a weekend in conjunction with the #DeleteUber movement.  This movement began following the company profiting from the New York City Taxi Workers Alliance strike across New York.  

Gender bias

More recently however has been the multiple accusations of gender bias and sexual harassment in the company following a tell all article posted on the former engineers blog. The employee, Susan Fowler’s allegations include a manager propositioning her for sex, the offence not being taken seriously and being told a poor performance review would be expected if she maintained her position in the company.  The company is now investigating internally into its workplace culture.  

Sued by Google

Uber is also being sued by Google, one of it’s investors, following allegations of the using stolen technology as well as having details of a program built to deceive government and other authorities. Waymo, the self driving car from Google, accuses Uber of stealing hundreds of employees work, equating to over 1000 hours of work each, as well as millions of dollars of information.  They claim that a former employee, Levandowski stole 14,000 technical files and used this information to start up his own autonomous vehicle company, Otto. Uber bought out Otto, and Levandowski starting leading Uber’s self-driving unit.  



And finally, Uber has been found to be deceiving authorities globally by using a tool named Greyball.  Greyball, part of a program named VTOS, Violation of terms of service, is used to determine if customers are using the service improperly, for example fraudulent payment.  Uber however have been accused of using Greyball to determine whether the user is a regulator or a city official, and in towns where Uber is currently illegal, been showing no cars or ghost cars.  


About me!

Hey everyone.  My name is Mike G, and welcome to my new vehicle’s blog; 3 Counties MG. This is my first time doing anything like this, but I did used to run the local Automotive club at the community centre, but for some reason I feel this will be a little different.

My major passion when it comes to vehicles is racing them. Whether it is a NASCAR race, Formula One, X Games or even racing a duct tape raft down the river I love it. I actually have plans to open a little dirt bike race track with my brother Tobias but that probably won’t happen for a long time, if it ever does.

Hopefully I will be able to make this into a pretty decent blog, and anyone who reads this will want to keep reading. I have a full time job working at a automotive performance shop so I won’t always have the time to post here, but I will try my hardest.

I should have my first blog post up in a couple days to a week. Hopefully I will be able to get into a good posting schedule, if I start slacking let me know! Also be sure to let me know if I made a mistake in an article, or if I missed something. See you all soon!