How 2017 has been for Uber

How 2017 has been for Uber so far.


Since the beginning of 2017, Uber has faced unprecedented backlash.  At the beginning of January over 200,000 customers deleted the uber app over the course of a weekend in conjunction with the #DeleteUber movement.  This movement began following the company profiting from the New York City Taxi Workers Alliance strike across New York.  

Gender bias

More recently however has been the multiple accusations of gender bias and sexual harassment in the company following a tell all article posted on the former engineers blog. The employee, Susan Fowler’s allegations include a manager propositioning her for sex, the offence not being taken seriously and being told a poor performance review would be expected if she maintained her position in the company.  The company is now investigating internally into its workplace culture.  

Sued by Google

Uber is also being sued by Google, one of it’s investors, following allegations of the using stolen technology as well as having details of a program built to deceive government and other authorities. Waymo, the self driving car from Google, accuses Uber of stealing hundreds of employees work, equating to over 1000 hours of work each, as well as millions of dollars of information.  They claim that a former employee, Levandowski stole 14,000 technical files and used this information to start up his own autonomous vehicle company, Otto. Uber bought out Otto, and Levandowski starting leading Uber’s self-driving unit.  



And finally, Uber has been found to be deceiving authorities globally by using a tool named Greyball.  Greyball, part of a program named VTOS, Violation of terms of service, is used to determine if customers are using the service improperly, for example fraudulent payment.  Uber however have been accused of using Greyball to determine whether the user is a regulator or a city official, and in towns where Uber is currently illegal, been showing no cars or ghost cars.